Voltage Thailand

Voltage Output:220 volts AC, alternating at 50 cycles per second

Electric Voltage in Thailand

voltage thailandThailand, being one of the most advanced countries in Asia. The quality and stability of electric power of the place is excellent. Like most cities in Thailand, the voltage output of Bangkok is 220 volts AC, alternating at 50 cycles per second, with almost non-existent brownouts and power cuts. Travelers from overseas visiting Bangkok must have a fair idea regarding the electric current of the place. It will help them in determining whether the electrical appliances and gadgets, they carry, support the voltage output of the place or not.

In case, your devices do not accept the standard electricity of 220 volts AC at 50 Hertz. A voltage converter might be required that will modulate the compatibility between your device and the electric flow of the place. Thus, it will help to ensure personal safety and reduce the chance of any possible damage to the appliances. Generally, there are three types of voltage converters, viz. resistor-network converters, transformers and combination converters. They are easily available in various hardware and departmental stores of Bangkok.

Resistor-network converters accept electricity of 50-1600 watts. They are suitable for lightweight and high-wattage appliance,s like hair dryers and electric irons. On the other hand, transformers support an electric voltage of 50-100 watts and works best when used for low wattage devices, like battery chargers, radios, laptop computers, cameras, camcorders and MP3 players. Combination converters have a combination of both a resistor network and a transformer.They can be adjusted and switched between both the modes.

Plug in Thailand

Apart from voltage converters, another thing to keep in mind is the wall receptacles and type of plugs. Receptacles in Bangkok accommodate both flat as well as round prongs (pins). In addition, they accept either two or three (arranged in a triangular form) prongs. Most modern establishments generally have three rounded pins. Therefore, if you have a 3-prong plug device, but the receptacle has only 2-pins, buying an adapter plug becomes necessary. Such plug adapters in Thailand can easily adjust with different receptacles and be bought for cheap, in hardware stores all over Bangkok.

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