Useful Thai Phrases

Useful Thai PhrasesWhile traveling to Bangkok, it is always preferable that you at least understand a few basic words and phrases of the local language i.e. Thai. Even though English is a major commercial language of the city, grasping a few common Thai words and phrases will really come handy and help you to intermingle with the local people. Besides, if you are caught in any kind of a snag or a difficult situation, knowing the local language always proves to be a boon. The best part is that you can also utilize your linguistic skills to negotiate and grab some good stuff at the local markets and night bazaars. Check out some useful Thai words and phrases, which will no doubt aid in your Bangkok travel.


English PhrasesThai Translation
WelcomeRap raawng
How are you?Sabai dee reu?
Hello/ Hi (Male Speaker)Sawatdee krup
Hello/ Hi (Female Speaker)Sawatdee kaa
What is Your Name?Khun chue arai?
My name is…Phom chue…
I am fineSabai dee
And you?Lao khun lae?
Thank youKhorb Koon
You are welcomeMai pen rai
Good MorningSawat-dii torn chao
Good AfternoonSawat-dii torn bai
Good EveningSawat-dii torn khum
Good NightRa-tree sawat
See you againLao jer gun
Good LuckChok dee
Excuse meKhor toat
I am sorrySai Jai
Its OK?Mai ben rai
How much is this?Ra ka thao rai?
That’s a little expensivePaeng bai
Can you help me?Chuay dai mai?
NoMai chai/ Mai oua
EntranceThaang khao
CautionGaan ra wang
PleaseDaiprod/ Garunah
HelpGaan chuay
Drink (noun)Kreuang deum
RiceMa-let kaeo
Glutinous RiceKao nieow
BreadKa-nom bpang
Sweet (Taste)Wahn
ReceiptBai set rap ngern
Self serviceBor-ri-gaan dtua eng
Up/AboveKaang bon
Which way?Bai tang nai?
Straight onDtrong Bai
How many? /How much?Gee baht? Gee maak noi?
When?Meua rai?
Where?Tee nai?
ThereTee nan
HereTee nee
PriceRaa kaa