Siriraj Museum Bangkok

SiSiriraj Museum Bangkokriraj Museum Bangkok is perhaps the most amazing museum in South East Asia, if not in the world. When you have seen all the temples and other destinations in Bangkok, visit Siriraj museum. It would astound you with its collections related to medical science. Siriraj is basically a hospital founded by King Rama V to provide modern medical treatment to Thai people. Many of its rooms have been developed as museums related to medical science.

Congdon Anatomical Museum
Prof. Dr. Edgar Davidson Congdon built this two-room museum in 1927. The museum displays about 2,000 objects, including skeletons and figures of humans. People take interest in the bodies and organs of Siamese twins, organs preserved in ethyl-alcohol, and a display of the peripheral nervous system, a blood system which is quite difficult to dissect.

Sood Sangvicien Prehistoric Museum
The museum provides most recent information on pre-history and evolution. The evolution of various life forms from 500 million years ago to the arrival of primates 70 million years ago are displayed here.

Parasitology Museum
The museum, as its name tells, focuses on parasites. One can see here parasites like hookworms, pinworms and roundworms. Models of their life-cycle have also been displayed.

Veekit Veeranuvati Museum
This museum is a valuable collection of medical equipment and books which have collected over 40 years by Dr. Veekit Veepanuvati. Books here are on examination and diagnostic methods as well as equipment and research work.

Ouay Ketusinh Museum of History of Thai Medicine 
Located in Physiological Science Building, this museum displays the history and development of Thai traditional medicine. It showcases how the diseases are cured in accordance with Thai traditions, and how the effects of old age can be minimized. You can also see Thai herbal medicines and Thai massage objects.

Songkran Niyonsane Forensic Medicine Museum
This museum is scary for some people for here you would find embalmed bodies of murderers, people who have faced ghastly deaths, and the objects assembled from murder scenes. May be the body you would find most interesting is wax-filled remains of a 1950’s cannibal, Si Quey. He clearly states that he killed because he liked human blood and flesh.