Bank Of Thailand Museum

Bank of Thailand Museum apprises the visitors about the monetary evolution in Thailand. Concept of edutainment has been followed in the exhibition of the museum. Developers of the museum believe that a museum should educate as well as entertain the public. As a result ways like diorama technique, computer graphics, and multimedia have been used to increase the use and effect of museum exhibits.

What Museum Showcases

The museum introduces one to the barter trade in the first century. Those were the times when glass beads, seeds and bracelets served as a medium of exchange. You would see middle age breeds of cash, including Funan Coins, Sri Vijaya coins and coins from the Sukothai age. A room displays the bullet coins popular in Thailand between the Sukhothai and Rattanakosin eras. Coins from the Lanna Kingdom in the north are also displayed. Visitors are made aware that bank notes were introduced to Thailand in 1853. Britain’s Queen Victoria brought first minting machine to Thailand in 1858. Thus, whole journey of Thai currency is told.

Bank Of Thailand

Section for Thai Bank History

A separate exhibit showcases the history of the Bank of Thailand Museum, its roles and responsibilities. The section deals with the setting up of the Thai National Banking Bureau, the promulgation of the Bank of Thailand Act 1942, the appointments of all the governors, the relocation of the office premises, the opening of the Bank’s branches, and the implementation of monetary policies.


Basic objective of the museum is to preserve the legacy of the Thai money. It tells visitors about the evolution of currency in Thailand. The Museum encourages the visitors to research and study development of Thai currency.

Bank Of Thailand Museum Location

The museum is housed in the Bang Khun Prom Palace at 273, Samsen Road, Phra Nakorn District in Bangkok.


Opening Time

The museum is open Monday to Friday from 09:30 – 16:00.