Bangkok Travel

Bangkok is the most prominent name in the map of Thailand. Known for its highly westernized pace and modern paraphernalia – a prime city of the place. This ‘City of Angels’ is a perfect blend of urban hullabaloo and traditional charm. The far-stretching expressways, colossal sky train and streets strewn with roadside vendors frying grasshoppers, make this capital city of Thailand seem like a haven of enchanting appeals. In fact, Bangkok with its many delights can be termed as a gem that crowns the entire continent of Asia. In the Thai Language, Bangkok is also popular as ‘Krung Thep’.

Chao Praya – River of Kings


Apart from the expansive city walks and soaring skyscrapers. Another conspicuous feature of Bangkok is the Chao Phraya River that mellifluously surrounds it. The western bank of the river, or the Thon side, is ‘Fung Thon’. While the eastern side borrows its name from the city and is referred to as Krung Thep, or the ‘Pranakhorn’. With its sparkling waters, the Chao Phraya not only harmonizes the beauty of the city, but also provides a magnificent perspective of some of its major tourist locales. In fact, cruises organized along the river are a hot favorite amongst all Thailand visitors.

Cosmopolitan Life Of Bangkok

Apart from its spectacular riverside milieu, another majestic feature of Bangkok is the glistening wats or traditional temples that flank the city, popular for their beauty, serenity and sobriety. Their elaborate architectural grandeur and traditional poise not only enhances the cultural wealth of the place. But also balances the expeditious cosmopolitan life of Bangkok. Other famous attractions in The City of Angels include its inspiring museums, palatial monuments, teak palaces, inventive theme parks, emerald gardens, staggering shopping malls and the rejuvenating spas.

Heaven on Earth


Add to it the nocturnal revelries, in the form of night bazaars, discotheques, pubs, go-go girls, transvestite shows and superlative dining experience.  You have the perfect reason why Bangkok is internationally such a high-flying vacationing destination. If you want to lose yourself amidst a landscape trimmed with golden edifices and green surroundings, during the day, and showered with neon lights and hedonistic pleasures, during night, Bangkok is where you should be. One night in the city will take you to an unmatched Oriental journey and surely leave you asking for more. So, come and savor the exotic flavor of Asia in Bangkok. See for yourself how cosseting this ‘Heaven on Earth’ can be.

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